Different Curls ?

Did you go to your salon and get bombarded with options like what curl do you want? We have J, B, C and D.

What the heck are those? Well, I have the answer. I’m to explain to you the difference between the curls mentioned.

J – Curls: This is the most natural curl mimicking your natural lashes. These lashes are at an approximate 30˚ angle. However not the most popular curl so be sure to ask your stylist if they offer this.

B – Curls: B – curls are at a 45˚ angle giving a little lift to the eyelash. It is still very subtle and most salons will offer this for new comers.

C – Curls: One of the more popular curls in salons due to its “curled” look. At a 60˚ angle this lash looks as if you curled your lashes and applied mascara. This curl is very popular in the lash world.

D – Curls: This curl opens the eye by lifting the lashes at a 70˚ angle. D – Curl is the most popular in salons. You can achieve a very dramatic look or keep it simple with the style.


Which one do I choose?

Well, that really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a more natural look you can choose the J and B curls. These will allow you to keep your lashes looking as natural as possible. If you want a more dramatic look you can go with the C and D curls. These will give you the “mascara” and the “falsies”.


Which curl is best for Classic and Volume?

Classic lashes are usually the sets you can choose which curl to get, however the most popular is C – Curl due to the amount of curl giving the look a more natural “mascara” look. Volume sets are most likely going to be in D – Curl as the volume set is more dramatic.


What if my salon doesn’t have J or B curls?

That’s okay! You can ask your stylist for a “partial” or “natural” set in the C – Curl. These sets usually contain approximately 30 – 50 lashes per eye (LPE).




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