New to eyelash extensions? What to expect at your first visit

 When you arrive.

Upon arrival you want to make sure you lash artist has a consultation form and a release waiver. These are to protect your artist and their salon from any liabilities. Be sure to read this through and make sure you agree with the terms and conditions. This is also a good time to ask your artist any questions or concerns you may have. Once this is completed you will go over what style you are looking to achieve.


Before application.

Every artist is different, some will wash your eyelashes for you and others may ask you to wash them yourself.


During application.

Once you have washed your lashes your technician will kindly ask you to lay down on the bed. A blanket is provided to keep you toasty warm. They will then begin to set you up, this is where you sit back relax and take a nap. With the technician sitting at your head on a stool she will begin with applying an under-eye gel pad, these can sometimes be gel free to prevent irritation on sensitive skin. These pads are used to hold the bottom lashes out of the way so they don’t get stuck to the top lashes. Once this is done there may be some shorter lashes that didn’t quite get under the pad so your technician may apply some latex free tape to hold them down. One more piece of tape may be applied to the upper eyelid to help straighten out the lashes. Your eyes may feel very strange and may experience some flutter after this process however this is normal and subside and you’ll soon be relaxed. If at any time you feel burning or irritation please notify your technician immediately, so they can re-adjust to make you more comfortable. At no point should you open your eyes. During the lashing process you should not feel any pressure on your forehead or movement of lashes.


The process.

The process involved isolating your natural eyelashes with specialty tweezer. These are cleaned and sterilized after every client. Once the natural eyelash is isolated the technician will pick up one individual eyelash extension, dip it into the lash adhesive, and gently place it onto the isolated eyelash 1 – 2mm away from the lash line. This is continued until the desired look is achieved. Once the application is completed the technician will comb through the lashes.


After the application.

After the service is complete the technician will gently remove the tape and pads from your eyes. Some technicians use a nano mister that mists the eyes with water to help cure the lash adhesive others will use an “air puffer” to help cure the adhesive. It takes approximately 24 – 48 hours for the adhesive to cure completely. Your technician should go over the aftercare process with you.


What to expect over the next couple of weeks.

Now that you have your luscious set of lashes there are some things you should be aware of. The average person has between 90 – 150 lashes per eye. We shed between 1 – 5 eyelashes a day. Over the first three weeks you can expect to lose approximately 21 – 64 lashes. It is recommended that you book an appointment to refill the fallen lashes every 2 – 3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and healthy. At no point should you try to remove the lashes yourself, always book a removal appointment.



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