Why it is Important to Wash Your Lashes

*** Disclaimer graphic imaging ***

I do not want this to scare you from getting extensions, but to let you know that there is maintenance involved when obtaining extensions. You cannot assume your lashes are clean because you have extensions on them. When an extension is placed on the lash, if done correctly it should be about 1-3mm away from the root of the lash line. Once the lash extensions grows out with natural lash there is a small gap which can collect debris and become the home for lash mites. Eyelash mite or the Demodex folliculitis is a parasite found in the follicles of our faces, especially the eyelash area. These mites are harmless to us however just like anything too much can cause irritation and discomfort. By washing our extensions, we remove the debris resulting in a hostile environment for these mites.


How can I prevent this from happening?

Technician: When a client arrives to the appointment kindly ask them to cleanse their lashes before you begin the fill or full set. This ensures that you are starting with a clean canvas and you know that you are not contributing to debris build up. **if your client has not cleansed their lashes kindly let them know you will be cleansing them before you start**

Client: When your technician advises you to cleanse your lashes prior to the appointment please do not hesitate to do so. This will ensure that you are beginning the appointment with a clean canvas and starting your lash journey healthy and clean. **your lash tech will know if you have not cleansed your lashes prior to the appointment**

If this is your first appointment cleansing your lashes will prolong the life of your extensions. If this is a refill appointment don’t be alarmed if lashes fall out, you are at an appointment to have them filled.



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